Chicago River Path

Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago River Path would safely and swiftly connect cyclists from the loop to the North Shore Channel via an off-street spoke path approximately 7 miles in length. The approach would integrate with current and future river projects, avoiding roads, intersections, and bridges. At a width of 16’, the path would occupy less than 10% of the current river width. Cycling trip times into and out of the Loop are estimated to be reduced by 35% from current street times.

As Chicago continues to position itself as one of the greenest and most sustainable cities in the world, it will increasingly need to be more ambitious in its future vision. As enormous strides continue to be made in the energy use of our buildings, the fuel efficiency of our vehicles and the amount of waste reaching our landfills, an additional area of the metropolis needs improvement: our cycling infrastructure.

As cycling ridership continues to grow, the need for more rideable paths grows. With more mileage of safe, protected bike lanes than ever before, Chicago continues to make riding a more viable option for commuters and recreational riders alike. The Chicago River Path would accelerate ridership across the city by providing a viable alternative to traveling alongside traffic on congested streets. With minimal impact on aquatic life and river ecology, the Chicago River Path would serve as a transportation route and a park space.


Client/Developer: The John Buck Company