817 West Lake Street

Chicago, Illinois (Fulton Market)

Eckenhoff Saunders is teaming up with Sancerre Reality for the development of a 60,000 sf, seven-story office project on the southeast corner of Lake and Green Streets in Chicago’s Fulton Market. The proposed building would replace the existing two-story structure home to BLVD Steakhouse and a small parking lot.

The brick and glass-clad development rises 109 feet. The boutique development is flanked by the much larger and soon-to-open office complex at 167 Green Street. 7,600 sf of ground-floor retail is also planned for the space. The design takes inspiration from the history of the neighborhood, referencing the patterning of materials and how they are stacked.

The materiality clearly expresses the ground-floor retail space via the dark metal, columns, and honed black granite. The rectilinear facade uses a large patterning that creates hierarchy in the facade expression with mullions and brick detailing. The brick and glass edifice will wrap three sides of the massing, including one facing a public alley. The service core of elevators and stairs will be placed along the eastern wall of the structure, adjacent to the 167 N Green Street project.


Client/Owner: Sancerre Realty