Silver Cross Hospital – CVOR Addition

New Lenox, Illinois

Silver Cross Hospital (SCH) retained Eckenhoff Saunders to design a new addition on their main New Lenox campus to house their new Open Heart Surgery program. The project initially began as a 35,000 sf, 2-story addition. SCH’s needs changed near the end of the design process as they identified a NICU program requirement. As a result, the building required a re-design, including another two stories (3 and 4) with a structural capacity to expand two additional levels (5 and 6). Eckenhoff Saunders worked closely with SCH and its contractors to develop multiple bid packages for the shell and core, interior build-outs, and building extension. Initially, the leading programmatic space included two Open Heart ORs (CVORs) and one Hybrid OR, located on Level 2 adjacent to the hospital’s existing ORs.

Eckenhoff Saunders worked through the design with SCH user group staff, including the incoming surgeon and perfusionist, to tailor the Operating Rooms to their specific needs. In addition to the Operating Rooms, the program on Level 2 included a satellite PACU to serve these ORs, a staff lounge, and locker rooms. To support the new addition, three new elevators were also installed. A clean elevator was located within the Sterile Core of the new ORs with direct access to the Sterile Processing Department in the Lower Level. Eckenhoff Saunders included a patient elevator to transport open-heart patients directly to the new Cardiac Care Unit on Level 1.

Finally, an additional service elevator was installed to facilitate hospital operations. All other levels were constructed as building service areas and shell spaces for future interior build-outs. Eckenhoff Saunders worked to create flexibility for future build-outs while maintaining code compliant spaces in the interim. Future build-out projects include an Observation Unit on Level 01, a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on Level 03, and an On-Call Physician Sleep Room Suite.


Client/Owner: Silver Cross Hospital

Photographer: Darris Lee Harris