AIA 2030 Commitment

The places where we live, work, and play represent the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in America, as well as around the world. The design and construction industry has made significant strides toward creating high-performance buildings of all types and uses. As a result, the industry is positioned to have a profound impact by continuing to foster high building performance and reducing building-related greenhouse gas emissions.

As architects, we understand the need to exercise leadership in creating the built environment. We believe we must alter our profession’s practices and encourage our clients and the entire design and construction industry to join with us to change the course of the planet’s future. A multi-year effort will be required to alter current design and construction practices and realize significant reductions in the use of natural resources, non-renewable energy sources and waste production and promote regeneration of natural resources.

Eckenhoff Saunders is committed to taking the following steps that are part of the AIA 2030 Commitment program:

  • Create an account in the Design Data Exchange (DDx).
  • Within six months of the commitment date, conduct firm engagement related to the 2030 Commitment, and create a Sustainability Action Plan.
  • We endeavor to meet 2030 energy reduction targets across every project as a deliberate part of design.
  • Within the first year and each year thereafter, report the progress of our firm’s entire design portfolio toward meeting the 2030 goals by using the AIA 2030 DDx.
  • Review how progress and practices are tracking with our firm’s Sustainability Action Plan. Update our Sustainability Action Plan once every three years, reflecting on the progress shown in our reporting.

We also support the critical need for more consistent and more rigorous metrics related to actual building performance. We further commit our firm’s assistance to the AIA and others in the ongoing development of useful metrics and standards for reporting purposes. It is understood that reporting through the AIA 2030 Commitment program must respect the confidentiality of information about specific clients, projects, and proprietary tools.

To learn more about ESA’s commitment to the 2030 challenge, please contact Ripal Patel at 312.786.1204.

AIA 2030 Commitment Website